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1. Rose, 1956 by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Rose, 1956


2. Noccalula by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown


3. Catfish by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown

Crave, desolate, you dive in, we follow along I contrive you with whiskey and sam cooke songs And we lay on our backs, soaking wet Below a static tv set Conversation flows, counting shooting stars and catfish But I'll never make a wish Barefoot, park...

4. Grass Stain by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Grass Stain

I don't care I'll embrace all of my vices And we'll black it out Or atleast slow everything down And I'll fish for compliments And I'll drink until I'm happy And I'll wonder what you're doing but I won't call Our paths split Its morning but I still f...

5. American Weekend by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
American Weekend

I watch these projections of us You're magnetic and I cannot keep up And I feel as you move in real close And I feel as your head arose You're a figment I believed it I depart, your dog died today And you drive all the way here to tell me I'm okay An...

6. Michel by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown

Hands under my clothes We can't let it go You set it up masterfully And then blame it all on me Cynicism smothering Implanted, blossoming in me Our fun is toxic and bold Embellished and oversold Embody me because i am weak I moved out but I never ope...

7. Be Good by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Be Good

It's unclear now, what we intend We're alone in our own world You don't wanna be my boyfriend And I don't wanna be your girl And that, that's a relief We'll drink up our grief And pine for summer And we'll buy beer to shotgun And we'll lay in the law...

8. Luminary Blake by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Luminary Blake

Full moon, we see our breath in a blue glow I follow you to the bar in the snow And then we roll around in your sheets And watch our habits become a routine And we'll fall asleep eventually And I'll move away, forget today someday Meditate, I expand ...

9. Magic City Wholesale by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Magic City Wholesale

Crowd stale, wholesale We're on the porch and there's a keg and you are quiet Wind shifts, I drift To autumn, I tell Dom what I see She laughs at me Blast beat, we retreat And it's a lonely street, the burden of circumvention But fractions like us Fi...

10. Bathtub by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown

Take my word for it, I'm not worth it I ignored you all night and you don't deserve it Morning, bathtub, my skin soft and hot I was sure you were right but you're not I contemplate my ruined fate Someone will hurt me so bad one day And you'll resonat...

11. I Think I Love You by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
I Think I Love You

It's late We are not awake And I smashed my phone I am learning how to be alone Resoundingly unpretty girl stares back at me And I become what everyone's harboring from And is it your fault? No I think it's my fault We digress You're inhaling smoke, ...

12. Hollow Bedroom by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Hollow Bedroom

I left like I got my way But truly I left with nothing at all When I saw you the next day I knew they'd hear our breath through these walls And we are late And we are loud And we'll remain connected as you're reading out loud Mirroring a staggered yo...

13. Dixie Cups And Jars by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Dixie Cups And Jars

I'm not a whipper in the wind Or solace laying at the bottom of a bottle Or your thick skin Escape yells both our names out loud We run like hell, I'll write a tragic epilogue and you'll act it out I watched your dad give you away I watched him drink...

14. Lips And Limbs by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Lips And Limbs

Could you be extraordinary? Stems and seeds, bucket seats. This house is full of slurred speech. You're tormented, I watch you bleed. And with this drink I'll take you back home We are shimmering bright. Stagger through uncharted parks The stars coul...

15. Blue Part II by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Blue Part II

If you think that I'll wait forever, you were right and, I'll give you everything you wanted if I can And when I look into your olive colored eyes I feel a breach, it makes me cry, it makes me cry I wake up early every morning And you sleep for hours...

16. Brother Bryan by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Brother Bryan

I said to you on the night that we met, "I am not well" Our habits secrete to the sidewalk and street, our civic hell And we covet the dark, share a cab to the park And you'll let me speak of bearings undone, silver hair in the sun We are only 30% de...

17. Coast To Coast by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Coast To Coast

Chest seat is empty Blood on the back seat Lives in disgrace Scarface he doesn't need I sail from coast to coast I'll try to brace the lows We lay at night Cursed as I stay dry Living on highs to the empty lows Dodged every wreckless world What is th...

18. Tangled Envisioning by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown
Tangled Envisioning

The river's clouded thick with mud I can't hear your scream or see your blood And I do not trust your cheating luck I don't console you in the back of his truck I do not hold the means to mend You had a pain I could not comprehend Been in tangled env...

19. Lively by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown

Doctors and naive love Silver spoons over fire You tell a lazy lie And I tell them you're a liar And we sit in the dark Needles and tubes in your arm I see you in dark glasses Writers and old movie stars And you'd die before you look me in the eye I ...

20. Waiting by waxahatchee

  • Published: Unknown

Red forest doAnnotateuble cross You’ll hunt me down, smack me around I know you We’ll burn down every tree Live out a dream And we’ll be alone This grave is our home and we’re free And you’ll never cut me as deep We’ll garnish a home But my blood is ...