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1. Solar Flare (Original Mix)

  • Published: 2015-02-13T16:55:24Z
  • By UV EDM
Solar Flare (Original Mix)

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3. Nitrix - Solar Flare (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Nitrix - Solar Flare (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


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4. Denny Berland - Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Denny Berland - Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Beatport : 29.11.2014 © copyright protected work by tiger records - all rights reserved. only for watching, listening and streaming. downloading, copying, sharing and making available is strictly prohibited.

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7. Applied Science - Solar Flare (Original Mix) - Preview - Out Now on Traxsource

Applied Science - Solar Flare (Original Mix) - Preview - Out Now on Traxsource

Out Now on Traxsource Join Dual Life Records

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8. Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Solar Flare (Original Mix)

A reupload

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9. Taho - Solar Flare (Original Mix) - snippet

  • Published: 2012-04-10T15:17:43Z
  • By Snejl
Taho - Solar Flare (Original Mix) - snippet

TrackList: 1 Taho - Solar Flare 2 Taho - Solar Flare (Prad Bitt Sunburnt Remix) Release Info: The legendary Taho (Delsin, Ovum), well known for his hypnotic drive and high tech atmospheres, returns on Snejl with a cosmic dub track, trying to express exactly what the title says - a Solar Flare. Prad Bitt ( Adi Dumitra & Toygun ) is on remix duties, taking the track to a higher, big room level. a must have for any techno & dub lovers. Official video trailer : Deep Mariano & Franco Cinelli @ Grooving, 17th of March 2012 playing Prad Bitt Sunburnt Remix : Written and produced by : Taho Additional remix by : Prad Bitt ( Adi Dumitra & Toygun ) Professional mastering by : Luciano Pizzella Release date : 5th of April 2012 Copyright @ Snejl Recordings 2012 Feedback: Behrouz ( Monique Musique,Nervous Rec.) liking both the Original and the remix. thank you Tuomas Salmela (Moodmusic, MFR, Cocoon, 2020Vision, Turbo) quality spaced out stuff deepchild (Trapez / Opossum / Berlin) Yeah, original is deadly. Nice indeed. Deep Mariano (GET SLOW) prad bitteros remix hited a big floor last weekend. hands in the air full-on Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail) nice! Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade) rock solid stuff! Seth Troxler (Visionquest) Downloaded for Seth Troxler, thank you. Kink (Rush Hour / Ovum / liebe*detail) i love those dubdy tracks, both versions are great! Satoshi Fumi (Plastic City / Moodmusic/ Night Drive/Outerspace/Klik) love both.amazing!! Steve Lawler (Viva Music) downloading for Steve lawler The Model (Gigolo, Crosstown Rebels, MFR) great release. reminds me of old kanzleramt stuff. thanks for the promo. Claude Von Stroke (Dirtybird Records) DL For VonStroke Angel Molina (SonarMusic) nice ep, both tracks. thanks! Satoshi Tomiie (Saw) thank you. John Digweed (Bedrock, Global Underground) Nice ep. Luciano Pizzella (Italic, Baroque, Saw, Factor City, Fortek, Dogtown...) Both tracks are hi quality tunes. I guess this will be a successful release. Fabrice Lig (Third Ear, Different) Nice release ! Both mix are great like Ying and Yang ! Nuno Dos Santos Lovely release guys! Will support both versions! Richie Hawtin (Minus) download for r hawtin Dosem (Tronic, Sino, Soundfate) Love Taho Jorge Savoretti (Savor Music / Esperanza) prad bitt remix is great luca doobie (radio popolare - amnesia milano) absolutely cool! ;) L Ricky Ryan (warungclub / bringthebeats / sickwatona) nice Andrés Zacco (Greener Records) Dominic Plaza (Composite, Indigo Raw, Unfokused) Wicked! Full support. Baunder (Soundexile) (Renaissance - Sudbeat) All over the remix ! Great EP ! Indie Jules / Jules und Jazper (Ostwind Records, Amuse Gueule) I like the remix, will give it a go. Francesco Pico (Magnitude / GU / Outside The Box / Proton) :) Original Nikola Baytala ([KONTROL] Robsoul Recordings) Solar Flare Sebastian (Water Gate) original version for me. thx The Abstract Terrorist (Big Shot) A monster, both sides are fire! Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music) Wow, great release! Both versions rock! Daniel Mehes (Wolfskuil, Manual, Flow) te remix is more than superb!! I really like it! great vibes :) Electric Indigo (female:pressure) original version is pretty nice. Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box / GU / Armada / AnjunaDeep |Proton/Frisky radios) both wicked! De:Bug (De:Bug) considering for review pixelbreak (Moonchild Records, PromoOne, Global Underground) thanks!! Taho's the best Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory) Lovely stuff as always from Taho. Kosmas Epsilon (Epsilon Trax) both top underground stuff, love them! Arjun Vagale / Jalebee (Excentric /Ostwind/Vapour /ALiVE ) absolutely stunning work !!! remix in the bag timbenjamin (friskyradio (encore)) nice release, def will play the remix, thanks! Blatancy Super release by Snejl :) ! Support ! Thanks. Examine (Manual Music, Freefloating, Moving) After playing Taho's "Forest Of Wonders" so many times I didn't expect anything less that a great release from this guy. Love the remix as well, will keep this one close on my gigs. Thomas Lauren (Wolfskuil, Savoir Records, Dualblock, ) yeah, def. remix for me. Like a snowball rolling down, getting bigger and bigger.. love it! Ian O'Donovan (Bedrock, Bio, Virgin) nice sounds as always from Taho and cool remix, will play thanks. davehart (i:Vibes) Very deep, perfect for those sunny afternoons. Nori (posivision, wax poetics japan) Best for beach set! Carwyn Butcher more great music on display here. like both tracks, think i prefer the original. Sebastian Napora (Sound Revolt) great remix Pako Vega Both are amazing. Love the original but also the remix is great! Riyaz Khan (DiversionsRadioToronto) terrific release - especially like the warm, floaty grooves of the original mix! Dj Simi (Kenpo/KlingKlong/Lapsus/Scitec) Great sound! HQ !! ninu (The Hipodrome of Music) Nice release on Snejl. Both tracks are good, but I prefer the remix for some extra power. Tsugi (Tsugi Mag) coool ep Simon Bell (Night Works Audio) LOVE THIS TRACK! dance floor stomper well done boyz love the artist name 2 5 stars Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Orion / Manual / Konsequenz / Eevonext) Holy hell huge tracks! Markus Schulz (Coldharbour) downloading for markus thanks Sasha Le Monnier (Proton,DI.FM,Stripped Digital) Thank you, lovely sounds on both...supporting! Johan Nilsson (DI Radio) Nice work. Enjoying both versions. The the rmeix is my pick here though. Will support Claudio Mate (Ottagono,Klap Klap, Lilith) original mix for me Claudio Mate (Ottagono,Klap Klap, Lilith) original mix for me Pinto (Nëim records) Prad Bitt remix, for me thx! Rob W (Ibiza Voice) Nice one. Solid as always. Amir Sharara Amazing remix.. will def play it.. thanks Dibby Dougherty (Yello - Bedrock) That remix is fantastic, all over this one, cheers Vitaliy Levin (Armada, Limestreet, SAC) Proper sjit! Both tunes are quality! Jay Kaufman (Tortoise Shell Recordings, Unrivaled Music, Bellarine Recordings) Taho's tunes make my life complete. Both mixes have their time and place and I'm supporting them both. Damien Unbroken (Channel 4/Unbroken Productions) Both tracks really good... remix just edging it for me, quality release.

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10. Maddix - Solar Flare [Original Mix]

Maddix - Solar Flare [Original Mix]

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11. Solar Flare (original)

Solar Flare (original)

Following in the footsteps of Polymath's 'Rob the Turbine' EP (MNP003) is our 9th release: Surreal Sound's 'Solar Flare' EP. The new sound of jacking techno is kicked into the ether by 19 year old Belgian Fabian Van Acker, who mashes atonal sawtooths, wild rubber synth noises and house piano. The out come is driving techno completed to a finish and a scale of someone well (well!) beyond their years. Fellow Belgians Subwaves (of the GND label) have stripped away Solar Flare's urgency and replaced it with a more spacious electro-house setting without loosing any of it's weight. Columbus, Ohio's Roevy have cut away Frequency's low end and instead put a relentless bubbling of LFO, creating a claustrophobic techno beast, which is maybe why they felt the need to add some coughing samples. Bring an inhaler.

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14. Notech - Solar Flare (Original Mix) Preview

Notech - Solar Flare (Original Mix) Preview

Second release of Timeless Label produced by Notech.

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15. Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Been a while since I released a dubstep track! Enjoy.

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17. Alberto Santana - Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Alberto Santana - Solar Flare (Original Mix)

Alberto Santana - ALPHA STATION (LP) Spazio Sonoro Records (2016) Mastering: Carlos Koschitzky ENGLISH: From the depths of outer space emerges Alpha Station, the first long play by Alberto Santana; classic sounds with a modern touch where we can hear an artistic and futuristic vision that aims to convert techno into art. In this album you can find a balance between tranquility and energy, but with some assured darkness. In fact you can find some experimental tracks purposed to help DJs to get some futuristic textures in their live acts, but also other, rougher, thicker and more percussive tracks, created to rumble the most pure dance floors of the international techno scene. Clearly Alpha Station is one of Alberto’s finest and serious piece of work, confirming Alberto as one of the true ambassadors of techno. CASTELLANO: Desde las profundidades del espacio exterior emerge Alpha Station, el primer albúm de larga duración de Alberto Santana; sonidos clásicos con un toque moderno en el que podemos escuchar una visión artística y futurista que tiene como objetivo convertir el techno en arte. En este disco se puede encontrar un equilibrio entre la tranquilidad y la energía, pero con algo de oscuridad. De hecho, se pueden encontrar algunas pistas experimentales con un carácter futurista, aunque por otra parte en este albúm también encontramos tracks más ásperos, con pistas de percusión más gruesas y creadas para arrasar las pistas de baile más puras de la escena techno internacional. Es evidente que Alpha Station será uno de los trabajos más serios de la obra de Alberto, confirmando de esta manera a Alberto como uno de los verdaderos embajadores del techno actual.

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