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1. Theories Lyrics

Theories Lyrics

Do you know I’ve never felt innocent? Do you know the role you play in that? You never see the state in which you leave me Fill my head with theories of how we can be friends then go and s

2. Theories Lyrics

Theories Lyrics

They gunned my young boy down, Mike Brown What if it were Mike White? Like like like Mike with the one glove Mike still selling shoes he ain't showing love Mike bite your ear off, take a year off I d

4. Theories Lyrics

Theories Lyrics

Jacking up the bean stock from 11am through 7pm And we're holdin' up the stall Thinking no one's looking except you and me at home Watching on TV it's not something I wanna see It's just cloud in my

5. Theories Lyrics

Theories Lyrics

Some say they saw a shooter Up on The Grassy Knoll A few shots & the president's dead All the people lose control A country brought to shambles Do we question what we don't know? How could they kill o

6. The Last Stand - Stray Theories Remix Lyrics

The Last Stand - Stray Theories Remix Lyrics

Sideshow cars and plastic stars A turgid affair Illuminates the dwindling scars They point and stare I've been longing for a son like you I've been searching for a way out too and somebody - somebody

7. Theories of Despair Lyrics

Theories of Despair Lyrics

The endless dull ache I have grown so tired of opinions I have grown so tired of your self-righteous ideals I have grown so tired of listening Last night I fell in love in my dreams I haven't dreamt i

9. Theories From Another World Lyrics

Theories From Another World Lyrics

Erased by the words, consuming desolate In death in remorse, in this we celebrate Theories from another world, from another failure We don't adhere to fascination Weary, fall on mother earth, call yo

10. Theories Lyrics

Theories Lyrics

As smooth as silk, as bright as gold Low and behold The saviour of a dying scene, but no one here consulted me One size never fit all, the talent pool Is smaller than it's ever been, And too shallow

11. Theories Lyrics

Theories Lyrics

One logic that works on love Is that you'll be crawling back after the fall That's what your impulse do When the blindness got into you One math theory works on ego One plus one equal chaos When two

12. Landfill Lyrics

Landfill Lyrics

I come alive in endless pain Fill me Fill my head Fill my head with shame Fill me Fill my heart Fill my heart with nails Fill me Fill my lungs Fill my lungs with smoke Fill me to the brim Fill my head

13. Revenge / Rewild Lyrics

Revenge / Rewild Lyrics

Society exists by active effort All the gears must turn On and on Straight to wastelands It's weaknesses are everywhere A wrench can clog it up Battling our nature As well as that of Earths Living in

14. Swimming in Mud Lyrics

Swimming in Mud Lyrics

With days like this who needs nights? With health like this who needs sickness? Swimming in mud Bathing in shit Dreaming in blood Working for nothing Head in the clouds Feet in the grave With stars li

15. Hell in Her Eyes Lyrics

Hell in Her Eyes Lyrics

Left hand gaze Stare whispering damnation Unblinking chains enslave me Strength through death I shall rise up yet Not as man but more Sun sets I am born anew Transcending All Slave to one Left hand sl

16. First World's Last Breath Lyrics

First World's Last Breath Lyrics

Swarmed Black masked death Pipe laced breath Silence shattered by gunshots Lay to waste the modern age Rise! No longer rich mens slaves Closing in Panicked cops fleeing from gunshots Breaking out Stea

17. Abortive Crescent Lyrics

Abortive Crescent Lyrics

Can you see the dawn of our demise? The ipecac sunrise? We fall (into the void) We fall before abortive We sink (into the pit) We sink before abortive crescent Take me back into your emerald womb Teac

18. Bathing in Pigs Blood Lyrics

Bathing in Pigs Blood Lyrics

Bathing in pigs blood Justice Mud makes new life conceived by the knife Justice Coagulants mix with the dirt, returning to the earth Soil is the egg, flesh and blood the seed Rise! Roots start to grow

19. Shame Lyrics

Shame Lyrics

Drifting in a sea of self loathing Deep as my regret and shame Can't imagine a fate worse than waking up again I will never forgive myself I never dreamed myself capable, it never seemed possible, now

20. Cycle of Decay Lyrics

Cycle of Decay Lyrics

Endless cycle of decay Day by day all positive memories fade The flashbacks come And nightmares follow suit What have I done? Sleep to fear most Visions of ghosts Watching them die Over and over Wakin