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1. Tell A Tale Of Two Heart by prozak

  • Published: Unknown
Tell A Tale Of Two Heart


2. Two Hearts by australian crawl

  • Published: Unknown
Two Hearts

Two of a kind Boy what a fable Where was the moral What was it we achieved Finding your letters Finding your notes packed away We were lovers When we began We were hopeless Two hearts as one Two hearts meet Two hearts beat Two hearts cross A lonely street Two...

3. A Way Out by dan bull

  • Published: Unknown
A Way Out

tell a tale Of how to get out of jail Without bail and without fail No doubt they'll try to follow our trail So we'll throw them off the smell Scale mountains and vales Down roofs and wells And escape town raise hell Quite an incredible story Two...

4. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner by iron maiden

  • Published: Unknown
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

tell of his story To tell his tale wherever he goes To teach God's word by his own example That we must love all things that God made And the wedding guest's a sad and wiser man And the tale...

5. A Love Song by ladyhawke

  • Published: Unknown
A Love Song

tale of time This is what a love song sounds like This could be my life but it's only words To make me feel right when the meaning's blurred You've opened my eyes to the oldest tale of time This is what a love song love song sounds like Life is always meant to replay No heart...

6. A Birthday Bash by cursive

  • Published: Unknown
A Birthday Bash

tell the tale that I almost forgot We're going to recreate what I should've stopped We're going to blow this unholy house to dust We're going to have a birthday bash just for us Line up the candles two by two Two for every year beaten black and blue Two...

7. Take This Heart Of Mine by marvin gaye

  • Published: Unknown
Take This Heart Of Mine

heart of mine That's pure as gold this heart of mine Take it it's yours this heart of mine To have and to hold this heart of mine And if you do that baby this heart of mine After we grow old this heart of mine It'll be the greatest love story this heart of mine That was ever told this heart...

8. American Hearts by joshua kadison

  • Published: Unknown
American Hearts

heart signed Forever Marie He'll probably want to change it in a year or two...

9. Birds Of Flims by sun kil moon

  • Published: Unknown
Birds Of Flims

tell that the gesture Had touched her heart Damn if I didn't go to dinner last night with Paul But his throat was sore And I could see that he was feeling ill He spends more time on the set than I do And it's cold out there And the last two...

10. The Two Of Us by n sync

  • Published: Unknown
The Two Of Us

two of us the two of us Cause in a room full of people you're the only one around And nothing in this world could ever bring us down Baby I'll be there telling you I care This I swear Girl its just the two of us the two of us It just gets better with each day baby someday I always wanted to tell...

11. Black Friday by kendrick lamar

  • Published: Unknown
Black Friday

heart the sinister Run for cover my lineage prove itself I'm rollin deep in that paper like two...

12. JKYL+HYD by dave

  • Published: Unknown

two men This is a tale of two men this is Jekyll and Hyde Have you ever had a war with your mind Its like I'm two...

13. Unleash The Dragon by jt machinima

  • Published: Unknown
Unleash The Dragon

tell you a tale of two dragons Genji Their destinies intertwined Hanzo Both born and bred to become assassins Genji But their choices were unaligned They've battled on earth and sky Hanzo With blade and bow by heart...

14. One Man Drinking Games by mayday parade

  • Published: Unknown
One Man Drinking Games

heart stop beating and you wanted not to cry As your sympathetic whispers—they told a tale...

15. Armageddon Altair by dan bull

  • Published: Unknown
Armageddon Altair

tell a tale...

16. Deep In The Dark by laura branigan

  • Published: Unknown
Deep In The Dark

tell you a secret If you know where to keep it And you promise not to tell Got a tale or two...

17. Sunny Kim by andre nickatina

  • Published: Unknown
Sunny Kim

two hos to make one track They say Huey Newton took two in the back What's up with that My dialog is in the rap catalog And tell...

18. Sucker by mott the hoople

  • Published: Unknown

tell me bout the nights that I make you cry Two tiny purple hands crawling out across the floor All I could hear was a voice Give me more more more My baby call me when she want a tale My baby call me when she want a tale My baby call me when she want a tale She knows its right in her heart...

19. All The King's Horses by randy crawford

  • Published: Unknown
All The King's Horses

two hearts together again All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put our two hearts together again We sat on the wall of happiness We sat on the wall of love We sat on the wall of security So high above With his arms all around me It was like a fairy tale Two people so in love Tell...

20. Balance Beam by blue october

  • Published: Unknown
Balance Beam

tale oh this fairy tale Some kind of fairy tale Some kind of fairy tale...