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1. Lullaby Love by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Lullaby Love

An avenue once bent in shadow, In a morning straight and hallow. You hold high a destination, You sing to me of sweet revelation. I feel the quickening in my step, But I don't even touch the ground. 'Cause when I'm seeing double, It's your lullaby lo...

2. I'll Move Mountains by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
I'll Move Mountains

Time will heal those broken eyes Fashion you a face from your disguise Loving never helped that lonely heart The world a hostile city from the start And no-one's towing your slip stream You're a tigress with your wild dreams its true And the leaden s...

3. Different Child by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Different Child

You're homeward bound for wisdom cos you've seen the webs you spun You're versed in vice and virtue but this time your vice has won But when hopelessness would tell you that your better days are done Have no fear you'll overcome There are times when ...

4. Once by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown

I tried to part the sea Find wonders for your love I sought the best of me But all I showed was what I couldn't be Your hush was a beauty I'd not seen Your kindness made a gentle wreck of me Once hope found hope And once I traveled winter with the su...

5. Mistral by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown

Child hold your tongue Your time has come Sure as the mistral blows beneath the rising sun A new dawn broods with each new moon Oh Child of the evergreen you'll shine amidst the gloom You've found a breeze that's lifting you higher You've found a lov...

6. Know Me Well by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Know Me Well

Well you know me with that ancient gaze, stripping down with yesterday's eyes You know me as I was, you see me as I will be And I still had a lot of growing, when you took me and you shaped me with those hands You know me better than myself, make me ...

7. Indigo Home by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Indigo Home

Dry eyes, roaring falls God knows I've travelled far, so far But this is where it ends Found me, right about the time that I found you For once, I was doing something right Night fell, you were asked Are you lost in paradise my love, or have you foun...

8. Little Giant by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Little Giant

Thought that I was in my prime But I was naked, dressed in my pride You see through the things I hide Yeah, still you said be yourself, you'll turn out alright You made me run like I never run Try like I never tried Fight like I've never fought Made ...

9. Deeper Than Shallow by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Deeper Than Shallow

We were drifting deeper than shallow Where the ripples went, I don't know Mirror waters swam around my toes I was deeper than shallow Going deeper than shallow Sight to see beyond reflection's dancing eyeline And half-truth lessons Like a skylight, y...

10. Tiger Striped Sky by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Tiger Striped Sky

Handsome reader reads through the dappled shadows Light was pouring down upon the stepping stones Felt like morning coming for his throne I don't know why But it looked like a tiger striped sky Half the world was pulling on his colors As nights turne...

11. Home From Home by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Home From Home

Bright young sun, looks like the morning's come And it's all come so easy like the heavens are wishing me well And those darkening eyes brought forth my own sunrise Well it's been a long time since the beat of my heart was a friend Well it's been a l...

12. Sing For The Wind by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Sing For The Wind

It's said I run like a stubborn tide Unstoppable, untamed and wild But a brave face isn't brave I've learned And as I searched for wisdom I remembered your words You told me "sing for the wind my love Fear not for tomorrow Cos love's the journey of a...

13. Hands by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown

I will hold you as you held me You gave me shelter, you gave me safety You said, "Hold gently what you wish to grow old with Like a sparrow in your hands that Needs to fly Hold gently what you wish to grow old with Don't close those hands." Ivory fin...

14. Ran Before The Storm by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Ran Before The Storm

Upwards I climbed, above me stretched the northern sky Beneath the great night's height I fought alone I was at war, both with myself and with it all My own shadow now my home No place to call my own Storms may come But wild tempests won't tear me aw...

15. Stay With Me by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Stay With Me

Well I've been everywhere, but I've been nowhere, It was all viridian in vermillion blood. There was a void before me; it was as deep as truth, Because all the world couldn't hide the view of you. Stay with me! Oh stay with me; you're right where you...

16. Corner Of My Eye by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Corner Of My Eye

Corner, of my eye Corner, of my eye There's no ignoring you The lovable, kind, the magnated truth Always across the room Faster than thought Distance is nothing for you Well I've noticed that your star shines brightest When seen out of the corner of ...

17. The Original by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
The Original

Well it seems she'll play the same old piece to play along, Because the audience never listened to her mermaid song, That temptation was a sunny isle where all that lives is dead, Don't choose its shadows to make your bed. Behind that painted lady, t...

18. Paperweights by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown

I'll show you I'm not made of stone, How could I breeze when there's this flow below. I'm afraid to flood until you tell me you can swim. But these words will not wait under paperweights anymore, You say I paint the truth, so watch these colours run....

19. Water Over Fire by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Water Over Fire

Well I fear I never look on you again, That I have done enough to lose a truest friend And I thought you'd never look me in the eye, Because of all that I have done within your sight But then I read your face and your lips were spelling grace And it'...

20. Vanished Into Everything by roo panes

  • Published: Unknown
Vanished Into Everything

Even now I can see you In my view somehow I can hear you in the whispering rain I can feel you in the air I know your stare The kind I cannot help but be aware You have the strangest way of stealing wind As if the world was breathing in Oh, you're al...