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1. Tears Of The Saints by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Tears Of The Saints

There are many prodigal sons On our city streets they run Searching for shelter There are homes broken down People's hopes have fallen to the ground From failures This is an emergency! There are tears from the saints For the lost and unsaved We're cr...

2. Where You Are (Live) by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Where You Are (Live)

I can't get enough No I can't get enough Of Your amazing love I can't get enough I can't walk away No I can't walk away From where I've seen Your face And I can't walk away And I just wanna be where You are I just wanna be near Your heart There is no...

3. Sound Of Melodies by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Sound Of Melodies

We who were called to be Your people Struggling sinners and thieves We're lifted up from the ashes And out came the song of the redeemed The song of the redeemed The song of the redeemed Can you hear the sound of melodies Oh, the sound of melodies Ri...

4. Reaching by leeland

  • Published: Unknown

Here in this place With humbleness and brokenness We seek all You are We seek You And it's for You It's all for You We're leaping over walls to get to You Would You pull us along Pull us home We are We are reaching We are reaching out (And we're call...

5. Yes You Have by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Yes You Have

Every tree and every stone Every rushing wind that moans They sing Your praise My God, they sing Your praise Every star and open sky Tell of Your glory divine They shout Your praise They shout Your praise, yeah You've stolen my heart Yes, You have! Y...

6. Beautiful Lord by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Beautiful Lord

When the storm is raging all around me You are the peace that calms My troubled sea And when the cares of this world Darken my day You are the light that shines And shows me the way Oh, the beauty of Your majesty On the cross You showed Your love for...

7. Can't Stop by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Stop

I can't believe You're here close to me It's getting hard to stand But I don't want to leave Your beauty stands out Like a bright light shining through the clouds It's overwhelming just to be with You now I can't stop, I can't stop falling in love wi...

8. Lift Your Eyes by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Lift Your Eyes

You can look in your head and find no answer You can look in your heart and find no hope And you can crawl on the ocean floor Searching for the silver pearl But you won't find the treasure in this world You can lift your eyes Come on to the cross The...

9. Hey by leeland

  • Published: Unknown

I'd give myself to find You Stumble and fall to see You You're worth it all To me You are I'd swim across the stormy seas And scream it from the mountain peaks You're worth it all To me You are (And I said) Hey You're the one That I've been looking f...

10. Too Much by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Too Much

All these places I have been All these faces I have seen Too much, too much All these bricks and all these stones Have all been cast they've all been thrown Too hard, too hard Find me in the background looking down You'll never see my face I'm lookin...

11. How Wonderful by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
How Wonderful

Lifting hands in song and dance Humbled by the glory of the cross We've been redeemed and reconciled Caught up in the splendor of it all Eternal life You gave So we will bring song of praise How wonderful How lovely is Your name You captivate our hea...

12. Carried To The Table by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Carried To The Table

Wounded and forsaken I was shattered by the fall Broken and forgotten Feeling lost and all alone Summoned by the King Into the Master's courts Lifted by the Savior And cradled in His arms I was carried to the table Seated where I don't belong Carried...

13. Count Me In by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Count Me In

You gave all You had I didn't choose You You chose me first Even when I turned my back You still gave Your love It's the only thing I want to have No greater gift than a man to lay down his life How could I miss this? I'm not about to pass it up Coun...

14. Let It Out Now by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Let It Out Now

It's like you got to walk like him Got to talk like her Got to be like them Everybody knows you follow the crowd Or get singled out But God says who you are Not the world or movie stars Don't you know He holds the answers in His hands? We're stuck in...

15. Enter This Temple by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Enter This Temple

We are saved in a world that's lost All our hope rests in Your Cross God of strength, our weakness shows We need You We need You, Lord Father, enter this temple Come touch Your people We need to be where You are And children living as their Father Wa...

16. Opposite Way by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Opposite Way

Living in the same town For all these years Doing the same old things Hanging with the same crowd And it's starting to get crippling You've never felt in place And you tell yourself it's all okay But something's different today You want to run the op...

17. Wake Up by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Wake Up

The nation lost and dying Searching for You Creation waits Children with the word of God Written on their hearts Show love to the world We need to wake up, wake up Live like God Pour out love We need to wake up, wake up Live like God Pour out love I ...

18. Beginning And The End by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Beginning And The End

Out of darkness into light I know that I will be alright Here inside Your hands I never want to stray too far Just want to be where You are Here inside Your plan And You're the center of The beginning and the end And I place my life inside Your hands...

19. Brighter Days by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Brighter Days

Time keeps moving on Through the sunshine and the storm And my dreams are set in stone And someday I'll be who I want to be For now I'll wait For the sun to shine again And for now I'll wait For the rain to pass away And I'm looking for the brighter ...

20. Falling For You by leeland

  • Published: Unknown
Falling For You

A childlike love I had When we first began We ran and I fell behind I've been stuck here all this time You waited like a lover Who couldn't let go of his bride I turned my back away from You Didn't shed a tear or cry But I'm falling for You now I'm c...