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1. Blowing Me Up (With Her Love) by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Blowing Me Up (With Her Love)

Saw you 'round the other day, Shorty she was all the way Looked like you were feeling me So I had to come and see Girl he wasn't tryin' to hate But she had to demonstrate That she was the queen to be But she couldn't fight the chemistry and I say... ...

2. Some Girls (Dance With Women) by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Some Girls (Dance With Women)

The door is coming off the hinges About to pass out, no doubt it's hot in here Because the club is full of women It's wall to wall and I got my crew with me We grab a table spot to chill in Hunt down a waitress, make an order Here we go Throw back a ...

3. She Got Me by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
She Got Me

Came in on a rocket ship The middle of the night Coloring the stratospheres A beauty by her side She was so hypnotic Staring inner beams of light It was so mysterious But something that I liked What you do to me I can't explain You're so good, yeah I...

4. 100 Ways by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
100 Ways

Speak your mind Just speak your mind Speak your mind Speak your mind Gave me a call after working all day Tell you "head on over, over to my place" You're feeling sexy, cause you just got a raise And you want to celebrate But you don't know what to s...

5. Mercy by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown

Yeah-yeah Whoa... Oh... Yeah... Yeah yeah yeah It's like your blood runs through me baby (Baby) And I can't get you out of my vein A lust for you electric lady (Whoa...) The affliction to my pain And the skies will fall Without you I'm inside of a hu...

6. Build My World by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Build My World

Clear my eyes it's the morning after Did I fall in love, or did I find disaster? Take a second just to breathe I pick my heart up off my sleeve, yea There she goes and I know she knows By the way she eased out on her tippy toes Skip the breakfast, te...

7. Something Special by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Something Special

So you wanna come at me? Like you wanna come and play? Bring your body close to me And girl we'll play all day 'Cause you got a sexy way And you know just what to say Make me wanna do some things And I can't take it, oh oh no no Can you feel it, baby...

8. If You Were My Girl by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
If You Were My Girl

Yeah Uh Ooh-oh Yeah-yeah yeah-yeah yeah-yeah You better get it again, come on, get up on me, ma Sweet as the juice in a peach, my mouth ready for water falling (Ooh oh) Grab on to me and you'll get a dose, strap on and don't get down We'll keep on ro...

9. Shake It by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Shake It

This electricity It's too much for me The way you shake my bones (Oh the way you shake my bones) Girl I've set too low (Low) And do you know my name? (Do you know my name?) Does it make a difference anyway? The way you love to tease And tonight I'm o...

10. All Day Long I Dream About Sex by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
All Day Long I Dream About Sex

So you wanna be a rockstar Keep it going, don't stop Work it while you're on top, call the cops Rollercoaster riding, baby Up and down I love to watch you do it I just want to get close to you Find out what it takes to move you Feel the rhythm, hit t...

11. One Night Stand by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
One Night Stand

Say sweet thang (Uh-huh) You know I couldn't help but notice you looking all good over here (Yea) I was wondering, do you wanna... It makes me weak baby Just to hear you speak baby Girl you got me all dizzy and light Like I got my cap on too tight [s...

12. Come To Me by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Come To Me

Traveling the galaxies on telepathic roads Singing in the distance, clouds of breath out in the cold All of my desires waiting for someone to hold So come to me So come to me, ooh Lying here pretending that you're closer than you are Swear I heard yo...

13. Dear Goodbye by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Dear Goodbye

Staring out, depressed about What words I have to plead So torn apart Shattered by impressions of Confessions in defeat My broken heart Crying, desperate, fighting Questions scared to let go We used to be so beautiful But the days go by and Things ge...

14. Everything You Want by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Everything You Want

The shame is in the greed No, no The distance of being just out of reach Is taking its effect on me Why do I feel the needs of guilty tendencies Eating away at who I used to want to be Caught up in the trapping zone It's almost impossible to keep up ...

15. Lose Myself by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Lose Myself

Yeah, yeah-yeah She loves Daffodils, and She keeps 'em on her window sill When the wind blows her smell fills the room She dreams in color But does she know that I love her? I'm swimming in my abyss of insecure blue, yeah And I'm losing my head And I...

16. Right Here (By Your Side) by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Right Here (By Your Side)

Yeah... Tell me how long (How long) Were we together, before we got together, oh... Tell me how strong (How strong) Have we gone together, since we've been together, oh... See, I don't care what people say No one else has ever made me feel the way yo...

17. Until Yesterday by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Until Yesterday

Yeah... Ohhh I found a letter on my dresser last night About a baby on the way It made me suspicious of another guy cause You couldn’t tell me to my face And so I asked to find out if I was right That’s when your eyes filled up with rage Now nine mon...

18. You Ruined Me by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
You Ruined Me

I could be the first to let you know That nothing means anything Now I'm standing here outside your door in the pouring rain And I can't believe nothing's supposed to get to me Now I'm in this misery I can't be with anyone since I felt our worlds col...

19. Slept With My Best Friend by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Slept With My Best Friend

Shorty was being sleazy When she'd played herself all easy Girl, you went and messed around with my best friend How could you deceive me? Straight up strip me of my dignity I even asked you to be my best man You were so convincing I felt like nothing...

20. Give In To Me by jc chasez

  • Published: Unknown
Give In To Me

Your love is like a candle Flickers in the dark You came into my life And brightened up my heart With you by my side I see the love that I wanna feel Show me your loving baby Show me that its real Just take my hand I’ll make you understand I want you...