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1. Hank Hill Is The King by hank williams jr

  • Published: Unknown
Hank Hill Is The King

Hank Hill is the king Cause a hick is a hick (a hick is a hick And a dude is a dude (a dude is a dude A freak is a freak and a nut is a nut and I love his attitude There's only one show that's worth a damn on the tube Yeah he's my hero a man I'd be proud to know I'm telling you Hank Hill is the king...

2. Tis The Season by audio push

  • Published: Unknown
Tis The Season

the king of the hill I don't need Hank Bobby or Boomhauer To tell me that don't want your shit don't sell me that Cops on us we selling crack Every bar on every track no holding back Hit told me we got to bring the...

3. Hide And Seek by hank williams jr

  • Published: Unknown
Hide And Seek

the street It's our national shame playing these games Playing hide and seek Now what if you an I was a hundred thousandover On our bank accounts And the s and L scandal,tax payers can bail em out And the Anita Hill...

4. Still by chief keef

  • Published: Unknown

the steel Come through and knock a nigga off his mothafuckin hill Like Jack and Jill I'm still at the top Knockin niggas off the mothafuckin hill I done got me a big ass hammer Like Hank I'm the king of the mothafuckin hill Still still still still steal me steal with the peel Peel with the...

5. Mumble Rap by belly

  • Published: Unknown
Mumble Rap

the king Hank Hill Can't feel can't stand still I blame all these damn pills The best shit we can't feel I'm signin NDAs these checks like NBA deals But envy may kill still don't give a fuck how they feel I been ridin through the...