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1. Fool On The Roof by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Fool On The Roof

Now don’t let the moon catch a fool on your roof That is some aggravation I’m gonna tell you the truth He’ll rattle your dishes and he’ll run off your dogs And he’ll be dancin’ till dawn in the light of it all Fool on the roof, he’s just foolin’ with...

2. Fools For Each Other by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Fools For Each Other

Who walked out when the times got hard When the truck broke down in the whole front yard It wasn't me, it wasn't you Who shot pool all night long Wound up bettin' on the crack of dawn That was you darlin', and that was me [Chorus] And we are fools fo...

3. Shade Of All Greens by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Shade Of All Greens

The blackbird she flies wherever she wants to The mockingbird singin’, oh, any ol’ song And the swallow she’s nestin’ in the rafters of my house Summer is coming and the geese are all gone You got to fly and let fly Ah, the mower’s broke down and the...

4. Voila, An American Dream by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Voila, An American Dream

I beg your pardon mama what did you say My mind was drifting on a Martinque day It's not that I'm not interested you see Augusta Georgia is just no place to be Just think Jamaica in the moonlight Sandy beaches drinking rum every night We've got no mo...

5. One Paper Kid by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
One Paper Kid

Cowboys and Indians and trees he could climb Tomorrow came too fast but he didn't mind Ah the distance was short so light it again It don't take no time to get where I am But one paper kid wasn't really so mean Just a little bit scared and a little b...

6. In The Jailhouse Now by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
In The Jailhouse Now

I had a friend named Bill Campbell He used to rob, steal and gamble And on the side he'd beg So he mopped up Well, I told ol' Billy shouldn't do it And ol' Bill said that he knew it So he started beggin' with a bucket Instead of a cup He's in the jai...

7. Comfort And Crazy by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Comfort And Crazy

Now you have got the best years of my life and I got yours Who else could you trust to hold your own "No one" is the answer to that question I’m quite sure So treat ‘em nice and easy to the bone Comfort and crazy’s a smooth combination And that’s how...

8. Don't You Take It Too Bad by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Don't You Take It Too Bad

Well don't you take it too bad if you're feelin' unlovin' If you're feelin' unfeelin' if you're feelin' alone Don't take it too bad cause it ain't you to blame babe Well it's some kind of game babe Out of all of this living that we've got left to do ...

9. Houston Kid by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Houston Kid

Now the Houston Kid’s got a new pair of jeans But he’s got no soap, he got no washing machine Now the Houston Kid he’s feelin’ tight and he’s mean And he’s tryin’ to figure out how his pants got clean Well, he’s doin’ his wash in a tub full of whiske...

10. Who Do You Think You Are by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Who Do You Think You Are

I like that word cosmic it’s just the way that people Tend to use it that offends my sense of survival I love the way you talk honey that’s very rock & roll You said you come from Texas but I don’t believe so Who do you think that you are To be jivin...

11. Crystelle by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown

That Crystelle, you temptress, you creature of back booths So accomplished at dancin' when walkin' would do There's a neon fire in your eyes reflecting off a rhinestone tear Fixed upon your cheek to see who cares And that's way too much for a country...

12. New Cut Road by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
New Cut Road

Coleman Bonner was a fiddle playin’ fool A backwoods rounder and a breaker of mules Coleman Bonner’s got a wore out bow He’s been playin two days down the new cut road Coleman’s little sister said you better act right Coleman Daddy;s gone to Louisvil...

13. Rita Ballou by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Rita Ballou

She could dance that slow Uvalde Shuffle to some cowboy hustle How she made them trophy buckles shine, shine, shine Wild-eyed and Mexican silvered, Trickin' dumb ol' cousin Willard Into thinkin' that he's got her this time Hill country honky-tonkin' ...

14. South Coast Of Texas by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
South Coast Of Texas

The south coast of Texas is a thin slice of life It' s salty and hard it it stern as a knife Where the wind is for blwon' up hurricanes for showin' The snakes how to swim and the trees how to lean [Chorus] The shrimpers and their ladies are out in th...

15. Heartbroke by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown

Who wouldn't notic the fire in your eyes Or the bitter direction of impending goodbyes I'm fallen and folded and wilted in place At the sight of you standing with streaks down your face [Chorus] Heartbroke and runnin' from the reason Heartbroke Don't...

16. The Partner Nobody Chose by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
The Partner Nobody Chose

She’s a melody in search of the words I love you She’s a rose with rose with no room to grow She’s a light in the night with nowhere to shine She’s the partner that nobody chose She’s tried and she’s tried And she’s tried to keep on lovin’ But every ...

17. She's Crazy For Leavin' by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
She's Crazy For Leavin'

Well the bus pulled away In a roaring black cloud I stood in the road Honey I hollered right out loud Hey Darlin’ I love ya Hey bus driver whoa But you can’t stop a woman who is out of control She’s crazy for leavin’ I told her so And the boys at the...

18. Calf-Rope by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown

The last time it snowed in Del Rio hell froze I could not believe that I missed it So far from the border so close to the line Son I almost got down and kissed it But it’s too far from home and it’s too late to look back Two times a night make it tou...

19. Lone Star Hotel by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Lone Star Hotel

The Lone Star Hotel Café is nothing but a Dive, and Florence Smith showed up there, Lord every day at five Florence was a waitress Have I mentioned that before? Serving beer to strangers and to some she’d seen before Florence used to ride a little Ap...

20. Blowin' Like A Bandit by guy clark

  • Published: Unknown
Blowin' Like A Bandit

Lawdy mercy land of goshen shades of gray out on the ocean Don't you dare take that boat out to sea For the high seas are runnin' you will sure enough be done in If you dare take that boat out to sea Cause out there in the gulf the wind is blowin' li...