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1. Stay by goapele

  • Published: Unknown

Goapele So won't you just stay a little longer Love a little stronger Right here is where you belong with me So won't you just stay a little longer Love a little stronger Right here is where you belong with me BJ The Chicago Kid & Goapele...

2. Ease Your Mind by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Ease Your Mind

Goapele sing Goapele...

3. You by goapele

  • Published: Unknown


4. The Daze by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
The Daze


5. Closer by goapele

  • Published: Unknown

Closer to my dreams It's coming over me I'm gettin' higher Closer to my dreams I'm getting higher and higher Feel it in my sleep Some times it feels like I'll never go pass here Some times it feels like I'm stuck forever and ever But, I'm going highe...

6. Got It by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Got It

Ooooh You caught me Lookin' at you Forgive me But if it's treasures You're seeking I'm the one who Could reach them It's not the kind of thing You wanna rush or hesitate It could go Far If you step to me Just come at me With honesty and you might be ...

7. Romantic by goapele

  • Published: Unknown

[intro] Oooooh, ooh, oh Oooooh, ooh, oh [verse 1] Kiss my wounds Love me tender Buy me flowers i've never seen Wake me up from my dreams To bring me french toast and tea In the morning light Fly across country to spend The night You said you'd steer ...

8. Too Much The Same by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Too Much The Same

Seeking a summertime love Just kick it on the low You know with a vibe and flow But we didn't know What the light of day would show Or if it wasn't meant to grow And how we'd feel within What we complain or win And why you keep a distance We are emot...

9. Catch 22 by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Catch 22

Nobody knows what I go through Indecisions made me passive They say I want my cake and I want to eat it too Less satisfied if I don't, consequences when I do These lessons, they lead me on my way But when company is tempting me, I'm turned around But...

10. Things Don't Exist by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Things Don't Exist

In my fear, I fear We're seas apart in old worlds. We began, In vibrant colors, But one of the things you said And i dread it. That everything turns grey, This is where i stray I, I want so badly, To say that these things dont exist anymore. When tha...

11. Childhood Drama by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Childhood Drama

I never wanted to be, like every other child abandoned in childhood drama (oh) I always felt that I was the exception to the rule but now who's the fool You won't give me your love your love So when you left me I filled up that empty place and never ...

12. Salvation by goapele

  • Published: Unknown

I'm searchin for my salvation Oh yeah I'm tired of dragging On and on On and on Day by day Days with days ? I can feel the pain The world is resting on my brain I can feel the hurt of a broken child She's going insane I pray that she'll make it home ...

13. Back To You by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Back To You

I'm sitting in my room Thinking back on you, Memories pass; My head was leaned against your face Partly on your shoulder, curving your neck. I tried to clear my thoughts of stress And let go of the day, How it began, Whispered your name- [chorus] Sof...

14. Butterflykisses by goapele

  • Published: Unknown

You cam eto me in a dream All the qualities I asked for In a man Just understand me Love me as you know me I'll let yo know me well I don't anticipate putting up a gate Or shelter around my heart. I intend to find the good in side Promise the real yo...

15. It Takes More by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
It Takes More

He was fourteen years old All his life he never left The west side (oh) I walked past him everyday Heading downtown Always on the go He was the kind of guy you never gave your real name to So young but still trying to game you But what he was going t...

16. Change It All by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Change It All

They're closing all the schools down Some teachers work for free now And libraries won't be found 'Cause there's not enough Can you see a change in your town Small business close it's [?] I'm trying to sort it out What we're giving up Basically there...

17. First Love by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
First Love

As summer was ending, you were walking in It seemed my life was falling But in this season we were friends Six days into spring is where our story begins You didn't rush a thing But you knew you would win I never thought you'd be the only one I dream...

18. Love Me Right by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
Love Me Right

I won't even think twice There's no reason to be shy Oh I, I can't lie Don't mean to bother but I wish That you would give it to me right (Right) I'm not the type to holla But somehow you know just what I like (What I like) Oh yeah bae, oh yeah bae Y...

19. 4 AM by goapele

  • Published: Unknown
4 AM

Awake in bed at 4am Awake in bed Cuz lately sleep ain't been my friend you leave me with no happy end you said it all keeps and even though I might complain you know I feel the same ole way about you, babe I'll love you till the very end I love you, ...

20. Different by goapele

  • Published: Unknown

I'm lookin at you from a distance, I'm wondering how all my feelings changed Do you remember even half the shit we used to do? Who we used to be? I wish it was different All these feelings inside me And I still believe [Clyde Carson:] I mean, what is...